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The British Raj ruled over the Indian subcontinent from 1858 to 1947. The power from the government and war eventually won India's it's independence and has since been an independent subcontinent.

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The British came in India for trading and became ruler of the country for 200 years.

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TRADING is the reason

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Q: What was the British Raj in India?
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What was the British colony of India called?

The British Raj

The direct administration of India by the British government lasted for how many years?

The British government took over in 1857 and maintained its rule (raj) until 1947... so it was 90 yrs.

In the mid-1800 did India become a colony of great Britain?

The British first arrived in India around 1600. They came to trade. The British East India Company was formed to facilitate that trade. The French were also there. At the end of the Seven Years War (1756-1763), the French lost there trading rights in India and the British East India company began to establish greater control, generally through agreements with the Mughal rulers. By the 1840's the British East India Company had control of much of India. In 1857, the Sepoy troops used by the BEIC rebelled against the British. Conditions were bad in India. Following the rebellion, the British government ended the charter of the British East India Company and took over the management of India, making it a colony. Queen Victoria became the Empress of India. It remained a British colony until 1947. This time period is known as the British Raj.

When did the British rule India?

India became a part of the British Empire slowly starting in 1662 when Charles II married Catherine of Braganza and, as part of her dowry, Portugal ceded Bombay and Tangier, which became the first British colonies in India.

Who was the Governor of Punjab in 1940s during British Raj on India?

Sir Michael Francis O'Dwyer had been Governor of the Punjab in 1919.Sir Henry Duffield Craik had been the Governor of the Punjab in 1940.

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What was the British colony of India called?

The British Raj

In which country was British sovereignty referred to as the raj?


Which British governor general introduces panchayati raj in British India?

lordwilliam bentinck

The part of india that was under direct british rule was known as the?

Ghandi was the part of India that was under British rules. The British rules were called the British Raj.

Why separation of India from British raj?

assivasso-so cavy macaulayee

What are some words that end in j?

Raj, the British rule in India.

What term names the 200-year british rule of India?


Who is the head of British Raj?

There is no head of the British Raj. The British empire was dissolved over 60 years ago. The Governor-General of India was the head of the British administration in India and the last Govenor-General was an Indian called Rajagopalachari who held the office from1948 - 1950.

What former dominion included India Pakistan and Bangladesh?

I believe the answer is British Raj.

What word is used to describe the time that Britain ruled India?

The British Raj.

What is a raj?

Raj is a hindi word with many different meanings in different contexts. Literally it is used to refer to king or his rule. Also the British rule in India is sometimes reffered to as "The Raj".

What is a zail?

A zail is an administrative unit of two to forty villages during the British Raj in India.