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Anna Wilson's house, the only fifty cent brothel, was enlivened by the presence of a belligerent young strumpet named Annie Stafford, better known as Gentle Annie. Despite the terrific competition Gentle Annie had won renown as a fighter, and she was Madame Wilson's main reliance in her war against Mother Herrick which began in early 1857 when Mother Herrick lured away one of Madame Wilson's fairest flowers by offering her a clean dress and more money. The madames and their loyal henchwomen fought several indecisive street battles, but the war remained a stalemate until the night of April 3, when Gentle Annie, with 3 more of madame Wilson's girls and supported by a detachment of pimps, made a surprise attack. They broke down the front door with clubs, smashed the furniture, chased away customers, and administered sound beatings to Madame Herrick and half a dozen of her girls. Then Gentle Annie returned to her place in triumph, driving before her not only the stolen strumpet but the pick of Mother Herrick's flock as well. Hope that helps ... Mike :)

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Q: What was the Chicago Prostitute War of 1857?
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