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The king promised to move the court from Versailles to Paris.

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Q: What was the Promise of the March of Versailles?
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Did the king keep his promise to move the court from Versailles to Paris?

The King didn't promise to move the court, the royal family and the National Assembly were forced to move and taken to Paris by the peasants that attacked Versailles.

When did The Women's March on Versailles happen?

The Women's March on Versailles took place on October 5, 1789, during the French Revolution. It began with women in Paris protesting the high price and scarcity of bread, leading to a march to Versailles to confront King Louis XVI.

When did the Nazis repudiate the Versailles treaty?

March 7, 1936

Who forced King Louis XVI out of Versailles?

The Women's Bread March.

Who was the painter of the march to Versailles picture?

H. De La Charlerie

What are the release dates for Promise - 2014 II?

Promise - 2014 II was released on: USA: 28 March 2014

How would you describe the march of women in France?

The March of Women in France is also known as the March of Versailles or October March; it is one of the most important events of the French Revolution

What treaty did the Nazi Party want to undo?

he died on mARCH the versailles treaty of WWI

What year did Hitler denounce the Versailles treaty?

He denounced it sometime during March, 1935.

What are three key ideas of the March of Versailles?

The March of Versailles was a significant event during the French Revolution when thousands of working-class women marched to Versailles to demand bread and protest against the monarchy. The march highlighted the growing discontent among the French populace over economic hardship and inequality, leading to the royal family being forced to move from Versailles to Paris. It symbolized the power of popular uprising and helped pave the way for future revolutionary actions during the French Revolution.

How many fountains are in Versailles?

There are over 2400 fountains at the Versailles Palace.

When was Brigitte Annessy born?

Brigitte Annessy was born on March 6, 1968, in Versailles, France.