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I know this is a set homework for you but me giving you the answer wont help in the future.

You need to try find information on the internet, link it with other facts that you found out about England. The information wont be always be dot on from the 1912, so you need to find information and narrow it down.

I know you might not think about the titanic sinking when you think about class system but you can get information from that. Did you see how the rich people had grand rooms, expensive food and so. But the lower class people had bunk beds and were locked on there floor when the boat went down. This shows that people did not care about other humans if they were not wealthy or some thing along that line.

So just be sure to do that for that A in your GCSE.

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it is held together by jimmy savil

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Q: What was the class system like in England in 1912?
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What was life like for working class people in 1912?


What were middle class like in 1912?

In 1912 only 20% of the population of Britain were middle class, they would have played games like lawn tennis and snooker. Reading was also popular in 1912. They probably would have had at least one servant and life would have been a lot better than the working class.

Working conditions in England in 1912?

Hours were long, Conditions were bad and pay was low. This of course only counts for the real working class but like now there will have being working class people with a job they liked, and got paid well for.

What were the upper class like in 1912?

The upper class citizens of 1912 were quite contented with their lives, until the industrial uprise (many strikes and demands made by labourers) and the titanic then WW1 etc. there was a class divide like we havnt seen since then. Read An Inspector Calls by J.B. priestley x

How did the upper class live in 1912?

they lived like hell !!!!!! wat do u think they in in luxury

What is the class system like in Athens?

i dont know i am in class looking for it too

What was the weather like the day the titanic sailed from England?

On April 10, 1912 when the Titanic departed from Southampton, England, the weather was calm and clear with relatively mild temperatures. There were no extreme weather conditions reported that could have affected the ship's voyage.

How much would a second class ticket cost today?

960 dollars but back on the Titanic in 1912 it was like 2 dollars.

What was the food like for second class people in England during the1800's?

Their food was second class. Third class people ate third class food and baggage class people did not eat at all.

What was the education like in 1912 in England?

Much stricter than they are now. You must remember that in England, a public school is actually a very exclusive private school. A normal school is known as a state school.

Life for the poor in 1912?

Life for the poor in 1912 was very tough to go through. They didn't have much money, not enough food and were often treated like they were dirt. They always were on the last of the popularity line and were staged as "third class".

What was it like to be in the working class in 1912?

Life in the working class in 1912 was often challenging, with long hours, low wages, and poor working conditions in factories and mines. Many families lived in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, with limited access to healthcare and education. Workers often faced exploitation and lacked job security.