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Q: What was the death machine in the French Revolution?
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What was the machine that was invented to mercifully execute people during the french revolution?

The execution machine invented during the French Revolution is the guillotine.

What new machine was introduced in France in the french revolution?

printing press was created by johannes guttenburg during the French revolution

What are the four machines were used during the french revolution?

# Guillotin # sewing machine # Moulding Machine

What American Revolution figure was sentence to death in the french revolution?

Dr Celaphine

Can you please give a sentence with the word revolution in it.?

The French revolution was a bloody affair and resulted in the death of most of the French nobility.

What US President started the French Revolution?

As far as I'm aware, The French Revolution was started by the French, not by George Washington, who was and had been the only US President at the time of the French Revolution. Unless the Americans have built a time machine.

What was the impact of technology to the french revolution?

Technology had a very large impact on the French Revolution. The guillitine was a device that was invented during the French Revolution. This was used to make the death penalty less painful, by cutting off peoples' heads in the split of a second. This machine caused so many unneccisary deaths during that time period and left many people in devastation.

A machine used in the French revolution to cut off the heads of the aristocrats?

The guillotine.

Which was not a factor that led to the French Revolution?

the death of louis xvl

Why is The Death of Socrates a symbol for the french revolution?

The Death of Socrates is a popular symbol for the French Revolution because it capture well the idea of fighting back against an unjust regime and system.

What were some of effects of french revolution?

The negative aspects of the revolution are the guillotine and death of thousands. After the Revolution monarchy government resumed with out change. Many more revolutions happened before the French achieved a Republic.

Which instrument during the French Revolution to behead people is used nowadays to cut paper?

The instrument of death you are asking about was called the 'Guilletine' , and actually was nothing like today's paper cutting machine except for name.