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Voters got more involved in the government

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Q: What was the direct result of Robert La Follette's political reform?
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What did Robert M. La Follette advocate?

In 1897, Robert M. La Follette advocated for tax reform, corporation regulation, and political democracy. He also advocated steeper railroad taxes and a direct primary. He was elected governor of Wisconsin in 1900.

Which reform was part of the Progressive movement?

The progressive movement brought about a reform in the election of US senators. The reform provided for the direct election of senators into the legislature.

Wilson's program of political and social reform was called what?

Wilson's program of political and social reform was called progessivismWilson's program of political and social reform was called progessivism

3 reforms and in the Wisconsin Idea?

The Wisconsin Idea is credited to Wisconsin progressive Republican Robert La Follette. Three of the reforms in the Wisconsin Idea are labor reform, civil, service reform, and stopping political contributions by corporations.

In what political reform did Theodore Roosevelt share an interest with John Muir?


How did reform movements create instability in the political system?

Strikes that were as a result of the reform movement created instability in the political system.

What's the difference between a Political Reform and a Political Revolution?

Political reform is simply a change or adaptation of governmental policy. Political revolution is a complete overthrow and dismantling of the current government.

What factor will most likely improve economic growth in weak rule-of-law countries. captilism or political reform?

Political Reform

What has the author Robert R Kaufman written?

Robert R. Kaufman has written: 'Transitions to stable authoritarian-corporate regimes--the Chilean case?' -- subject(s): Corporate state, Politics and government 'The Chilean political right and agrarian reform: resistance and moderation' -- subject(s): Land tenure, Politics and government, Right and left (Political science) 'The politics of land reform in Chile, 1950-1970' -- subject(s): 1900-, Land reform, Politics and government, Social conditions

Which of the following were results of the 1949 Communist Revolution?

land reform;economic reform;Great Leap Forward;political reform;social reform;

What is a device used frequently by playwrights who seek social or political reform?

A device used frequently by playwrights who seek social or political reform is satire.

How did the federal government respond to different reform groups?

Reform groups formed something called the progressive era. During the progressive era it caused political reform. With political reform came changes to help the economy and general well being of the United States.