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Q: What was the general social structure in European society in the sixteenth century?
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Why was the Estates-general reconvened after a century and a half?

Because during that time, France was being hit by one crisis after another and Louis XVI (weak leader) knew that he needed the help from the estate-general.

President Wilson's initial reaction to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1914?

In 1914, when war broke out among numerous European nations, President Wilson's reaction was very much the same as that of most Americans at the time. In general, Americans considered the European conflict to be outside of American interest; indeed, the war was seen in some sense as "beneath" America dignity, and America, it was thought, will quite rightly stay out of the sad affair.

Where did Charles de gaulle live?

Charles De Gaulle was a 20th century French general, national hero and president. He lived in France and led the French Forces during the World War II.

Why did European traders begin to travel to Asia by sea?

There are many reasons for that decision taken by the traders. 1. In general transporting will be cheap if you take the route via sea than the land. (Ref: An inquiry into the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith) 2. before European traders discovered the sea route to Asia, they use to take the land route, which passes via the middle east. And when once the sea routes were discovered the costs of many imported goods fell to one third of its value. So the European traders started to travel to Asia by the sea.

What is the European interstate system called?

If you mean the "International E-road network", they're just called E-roads. If you mean the highway system; it's called different in every country (language). The general word for those roads would be the British 'Motorway', or just 'Highway'.

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What Order was officially sent by the Pope to educate and to combat religious error?

The Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) take a special fourth vow of immediate and complete obedience to the Pope. They were originally formed in the sixteenth century to combat protestantism AND ignorance in general.

What was the number of Catholics and Protestants in 1500.. And then how many were there in 1600?

Roman Catholic AnswerAs there are no census figures from the sixteenth and seventeenth century, we are going to have to go with a general picture. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, aside from a few Jews and Arabs in Europe, everyone was Catholic for the simple reason that Martin Luther had not yet come on the scene and lost his mind yet. A century later, due to political reasons, most of the Scandanavian countries, along with the Netherlands, England, and northern Germany had become predominately protestant, with France, Spain, Austria, Sourthern Germany, and Italy remaining Roman Catholic.

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Mappa mundi is a general term used to describe medieval European maps of the world.

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The General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century was created in 1851.

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the structure of milkyway galaxy is spiral.

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Simplicity best describes the general trend in 20th century architecture.

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The White ManÃ?s Burden is a 19th century poem by Rudyard Kipling that implied the act of colonialism was the noble responsibility of European and Americans to help the natives of these countries to rise up and better themselves. The poem, in general, referred to the period of colonization of countries by European powers sometimes called cultural Imperialism as a noble Christian effort.

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the answer is simply nothing

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ms-dos structure commandprompt

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