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Ceuta and Melilla are existing Spanish possessions in Africa. If we include offshore islands then Reunion and Mayotte (France), Canary Islands (Spain), Madeira (Portugal) are still European possessions.

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Western Sahara.

It is currently colonised by Morocco.

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Q: What was the last European colony in Africa?
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What was the last European colony in central Africa?

Portuguese Angola (1975).

What European Colony founded Benin Africa?

Dahomey (French colony until 1958)

What European country was south Africa a colony of?

great Britain

Which eastern Africa country was never a European colony?

Unlike most African countries, Ethiopia was never a European colony, for this reason it has been important to modern Africa as a symbol of independence

The only European colony in Africa to gain its independence between world war 2 was?

South Africa

Does Africa have colonies?

It is debated. The last European possession in Africa became independent in 1980 (Zimbabwe). However, some African nations held non-self-governing territories after the last European colonies became independent. The only remaining territory considered by some to be a "colony" is West Sahara, which is controlled by Morocco.

What European power was the 1st to colonize Africa?

Portugal was the first European country to set up a colony in Africa. Portugal landed on Africa's Gold Coast in 1471 and built the Castle of Elmina, becoming the first European settlement.

What European country controlled the Africa Congo before world war 2?

The Democratic Republic of Congo was a Belgium colony. The Republic of Congo was a France colony.

What European country had the first colony in Africa long before any other nation?

Portugal established the first African colony inMozambique in 1500.

Which European power has small colonies in Africa?

No European countries own a "colony" in Africa anymore. Spain does, however, own two small cities in North Africa (they are not colonies, they are parts of Spain). France and the United Kingdom own some islands off the coast of Africa, as well.

Was Liberia ever colonized?

Liberia is an African country that people usually claim is not colonized, but since it was founded by American Blacks who established a very European-style country, it is hard to make the claim that it was not a colonial project.However, it was never part of a proper colony.

Which country had the most colonies in Africa in 1993?

There were no colonies in Africa in 1993. The last Colony became independent in 1980. (Rhodesia, UK)