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1900 was the last year of the 19th century.

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Q: What was the last year in the nineteenth century?
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What year did the ninteenth century end?

The last year of the nineteenth century was 1900.

What year were dinosores were in?

they were in the nineteenth century

What year was mid nineteenth century?


What year did the nineteenth century begin?

Counting begins with one (1), so the nineteenth century began 1January 1801.

How many people a year were punished in the nineteenth century?


What years were they creating plastic?

well,year of nineteenth century

During which century did the year 1808 occur?

The year 1808, as with any year between 1801 and 1900, fell in the nineteenth century.

When were the most imporatant advances in industrialization?

came in the last third of the nineteenth century

The nineteenth century was when?

The nineteenth century was from 1800 - 1899.

Why was Africa also known as 'last explored continent'?

Africa was the last continent to be explored.Till the nineteenth century.

What were people in sydney celebrating at midnight on the last day of 1900?

end of the nineteenth century

During the last half of the nineteenth century the US was interested in increasing trade with Asia?