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At the time of Boudicca's rampage of Colchester in 60AD, Colchester was run by the Romans. It is thought that the town, that used to be the Trinnovante tribes capital, was called either Colonia Victoria/Victorius (commemorating the successful invasion of Britain) or Colonia Claudia (in the honour of the emperor who led the invasion 'Claudius'). We are not quite sure what they called it but on the current site of Colchester castle there used to be a temple to Claudius - suggesting it could well have been called Colonia Claudia.

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Q: What was the name of colchester in 60AD?
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Was Colchester England's capital city?

For a short period (AD43 till some time after AD61) Colchester - then called Camulodunum - was the capital of the Roman province of Britannia. It was destroyed in Boudicea's rebellion in AD61.

How did prasutagus die?

Prasutagus died either on 60AD or 61AD. He dies leaving his two daughters behind. The oldest one was Heanua and the youngest one was Lannosea.

What was London first known as?

I believe that the Romans knew it as Londinium. They called Colchester Calculodonum... I think.

In British mythology who was Helena?

In British Celtic mythology,Helena was the daughter of Coel,said to be the founder of Colchester.According to legend,she married Constantius Chlorus,the Roman emperor,after peace had been made,between him and `Coel following the three-year-old siege of Colchester by Constantius.Their son was Constantine the great.Helena is identified with St.Helena.

What was Boudica famous for?

Boudicca was queen of the Iceni tribe of what is now known as East Anglia, a peninsula of eastern England. Her dying husband, Prasutagus, left half of his possessions to Rome in order to ensure his kingdom would be protected. Needless to say the Romans didn't entirely hold up their side of the bargain! They entered the kingdom and helped themselves to all that was left.When Queen Boudicca protested she was flogged, her teenage daughters were raped and the Iceni were driven off their land.Joining together with other neighbouring tribes she managed to pull a force of around 120 000 men, and fought her way through Southern Britain, burning St Albans, Colchester and London, it is estimated her force killed around 70 000 Roman settlers and sympathisers.Her final moments came somewhere in the Midlands area of Britain; where, upon suffering a massive defeat, she persuaded her daughters to drink 'hemlock', before taking the poison herself, rather than fall into the hands of the Romans.

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What was the roman name for Colchester?

The Roman name for Colchester was either Colonia Victorius (named after the invasion of Britian) or Colonia Claudia (in honour of emperor Claudius who led the invasion). On the current site of Colchester castle there used to be a temple to Claudius - suggesting that Roman Colchester could well have been named in his honour.

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What was the name of the ancient priests that first used mistletoe?

Druids, this was the dominant religion in "Britannia" (Britain) at the time of the Roman invasion (60AD)

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Colchester Abbey ended in 1539.

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