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Q: What was the name of the officer who shot ben hall?
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Which bushranger was hanged by the police Ned Kelly or Ben Hall?

Ned Kelly was hanged. Ben Hall was shot.

How do you spell Ben Hall?

The name of Ben Hall, the bushranger, is spelt "Ben Hall". Unlike many other bushrangers, he did not go by another name.

How did Ben hall's life end?

he got shot by the police..

Where was Ben hall shot?

Ben hall was shot near the Gooang Creek North of Forbes NSW, about one kilometre from the actual Creek. A small steel pole with a plaque at the top indicates the exact place where he was shot. Contrary to some accounts, he was not actually shot in the Creek.

Did Ben Hall have a nickname?

Ben Hall was known as "Bold Ben Hall", "Brave Ben Hall", and "The Gentleman Bushranger". Ben Hall (1837-1865) was an Australian bushranger (cowboy outlaw) who became a folk hero when he committed robberies and taunted the law enforcement in New South Wales. He was shot and killed (many believed illegally) as a result of murders by other outlaws.

When did Benjamin hall die?

do you mean Ben Hall, 1st Baron Llanover, MP for Monmouth, he died April 1867. Or do you mean Ben Hall, Australian Bush Ranger, he died May 1865, shot by the police

What were Ben Hall's nicknames?

Ben Hall was known as the "Gentleman bushranger" and also as "Bold Ben Hall".

How did Ben Hall die?

Australian bushranger Ben Hall was ambushed and shot by eight police at dawn on 5 May 1865. He was buried in the NSW town of Forbes. One oral legend states that his once-faithful aboriginal companion (now turned black tracker) shot and killed him after he was injured as he did not want to be taken to gaol.

What did Ben Hall steal?

Ben Hall was an Australian bushranger from 1862-65, who with his gang held up coaches and travellers and took gold cargoes, cash and valuables, eventually shot in a police ambush on the intelligence provided by an informer.

What did ben hall accomplishments?

Ben hall had lots of achievements

What was the name of ben halls son?

Geremy Biblical Stewart Paul Hall

Was ben hall a bushranger in the goldrush time?

When did Ben hall become a minner