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Maybe Prince Alexander and his policy???

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Q: What was the obstacle to Russian progress?
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How do you write an essay about tradition is an obstacle to progress?

according to me tradition is an obstacle to progress

Is obstacle a noun?

Yes, obstacle is a noun. It refers to something that blocks or hinders progress or movement.

What is the right spelling for obstakal?

The correct spelling is obstacle (something that hinders progress).

Show you an essay on traditions are not at all an obstacle to progress?

tradition is not at all an is a stimulant 2 progress it will never hinder the progress of a person but will build up his career

What is the person or obstacle facing the main character in a story?

something that obstructs or hinders progress.

What obstacle to economic progress did African Americans face in Atlanta?

Continued racial prejudice

Meaning of obstacle?

An obstacle is something that gets in the way or hinders progress or achievement of a goal. It can be a physical object, a difficult situation, a challenge, or a barrier that needs to be overcome.

What was the obstacle to progress in russia in the 1800?

The social structure was still in place that divided the workers from the aristocrats.

What is the definition of the term obstacle?

The definition of the word "Obstacle" means to prevent or slow down an action, for example, hurdles and fences in horse racing slows down the horses progress.

What does impediments mean?

Something that opposes, stands in the way of, or holds up progress.

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The greatest obstacle Philo Farnsworth had to overcome was his age. He wasn't even in high school when he first had the idea for how to make televisions work. School work, studying, and work delayed his progress.

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