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Indian Removal Act was a law passed in 1830 under President Andrew Jackson which authorized president to negotiate with Native Americans in Southern states for removal to federal territory west of Mississippi river after getting paid for their lands. Although legally the removal had to be voluntary, it was used to coerce Native Americans to agree to removal. This even led to war between Americans and Seminoles. The war is called The second Seminole war.

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Not all agreed most resisted and they fought soldiers

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Q: What was the outcome of the Indian Removal Act?
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What act moved native Americans west of the Mississippi river?

Indian Removal Act

What was Andrew Jackson trying to gain in his message to congress on Indian removal?

justification for the indian removal act

Which trail was caused by the Indian removal act?

The trail that was caused by the Indian removal act was the Trail of Tears.

What was the law that allowed native Americans to be removed from their lands?

The Indian Removal Act

What did john Marshall say about the Indian removal act?

John Marshall said he wanted to enforce the Indian Removal act

What was the opinion of the northern industrialists on the Indian Removal Act?

The northern industrialists generally frowned upon the Indian Removal Act.

What purpose did the Indian Removal Act have?

The purpose of the Indian Removal Act was to take the Indians to the land west of the Mississippi River.

What act removed the Indians from the land?

The Indian Removal Act

Did president Andrew Jackson enforce the Indian removal removal act before gold was discovered in Georgia?

When Jackson found out there was gold, he immediatly called for the Indian removal act

Who executed the Indian Removal Act?

The Indian Removal Act was executed by President Andrew Jackson during his tenure from 1829 to 1837.

what was an outcome of the Indian Removal Act?

Is this a multiple choice question? Can you provide the options?

When did the Indian removal start and end?

The Indian removal did start in 1830 and stopped in 1860. The Indian Removal Act was passed by the senate on April 24, 1830.