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Q: Why did president monroe call for the Indian removal of Cherokees from Georgia?
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What legislation allowed Georgia to push the creek and Cherokees out of the state?

The Indian Removal Act of 1830

The Indian removal act relocated thousands of Cherokees from Georgia to Indian territory for the purpose of?

to make land available for white miners and farmers

The Indian Removal Act 1830 relocated thousands of Cherokees from Georgia to Indian Territory for the purpose of?

Making land available for white miners and farmers

The final phase of the Indian removal plan were the?


Did president Andrew Jackson enforce the Indian removal removal act before gold was discovered in Georgia?

When Jackson found out there was gold, he immediatly called for the Indian removal act

What GA laws were created in order to force the Cherokees to leave?

None, Georgia did not pass any laws the United States did - The Indian Removal Act of 1930

What was the final phase of the Indian removal plan?

The final phase of the Indian removal plan was the removal of the Cherokees. The Indian Removal Act was a law passed by Congress during Andrew Jackson presidency on May 28, 1830.

What was the Indian Removal act?

The indian Removal act is when President Jackson wanted to move the Indians or Native Americans out from there land and payed the indians money and gave them aid for one year. (1830) A law that made it legal for the President (Andrew Jackson) to move Native tribes west. The Cherokees were one group that was evicted from their land in Georgia and South Carolina. A lottery was held to divide their land.The Indian removal act was when Cherokees and other tribes were living on fertile land, which also has gold. America wants the land and they try to get the southeastern tribes to sign away their land. some think it is mandatory and sign it, but some tribes, among them the Cherokee,refuse to sign away their land. the whole thing goes to supreme court and supreme court judge john Marshall says that the land is the Cherokees and shows treaties to prove it. Andrew Jackson, president at the time, did not like this ruling. he proposed a law to congress which was the Indian Removal act. congress passed the law and the Indians had 2 years to leave their lands. some left to land west of the Mississippi in present day Ohio, but this land is not fertile and nothing like the Indians homeland. the Cherokees stay for the 2 years and then they are forced to leave in the Trail of Tears. they were relocated in the winter and many didn't even have shoes. the Cherokees had nearly half the people that the had at the start.The Indian Removal Act authorized the President to give the unsettled lands west of the Mississippi in exchange of the Indian lands.

What lead to the Indian removal in Georgia?


What law forced Cherokees and other tribes to leave their homes and move to Oklahoma?

The indian removal act

What event resulted in the Cherokees marching at gunpoint from GA to OK 1838?

Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830. In the case of Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, Supreme court ruled in favor of cherokees. they could keep their land. Jackson didnt care and ignored the judgment of SUPREME COURT and forced the cherokees to oklahoma (trail of tears)

What led to the final Indian removal from Georgia?