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nevil long bottom nevil long bottom

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Q: What was the persons name who invented gun powder?
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Who in invented gun powder in china?

Gun powder was invented in China in the year 1044 AD.

Who invented Gun pwoeder?

Gun POWDER was invented by the Chinese

Who was the person that invented gun powder?

No one person by name is credited with this invention. or are they?

Why is gun powder important to china today?

Because China invented gun powder.

How were the fireworks invented?

the chines invented them with gun powder

When was smokeless gun powder invented?

Fireworks and Gun Powder was invented in the 9th century. it was invented by Li Tian.

What year was gun powder invented?


Was gun powder invented in the renaissance?


Who invented black gun powder?


How was gun powder invented?

Gun powder was invented by Chinese in the ninth century. It was an accidental discovery by a pharmacist. Someone combines sulphur and saltpeter with characal.

What is another name for gun powder as used in the gun powder plot?

Black Powder.

When was gun powder invented?

Gun powder was invented in China around 850 A.D. It is believed that during the Tang Dynasty that alchemist invented accidentally when he was tried to make an immortality elixir. Gun powder was used in fireworks and warfare.It came to europe at around 1300s