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gun powder and magnetic compasses

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Q: What did the Chinese invent during the Golden Age that enabled them to have many books and libraries?
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During their Golden Age the Chinese were eager to learn from the other cultures they interacted with?

It is a false statement that during their Golden Age, the Chinese were eager to learn from the other cultures they interacted with. At this point, the Chinese were very ethnocentric.

What was a Chinese invention during its Golden Age?

Block Printing

During their Golden Age the Chinese practiced a policy of isolationism?

Yes, the Chinese practiced a policy of isolationism.

The Chinese were leaders in what industry during the golden age?

Ship building

During their Golden Age did the Chinese practice a policy of isolationism?


The golden age for Chinese poetry took place during the?


During what period did the Chinese become leaders in the shipbuilding industry?

The Golden Age.

What were the greatest academic achievements during the Chinese Golden Age?

your poo head

Why did the Chinese call America land of the golden mountain?

The Chinese called America Land of The Golden Mountain because during the California Gold Rush the Chinese went to search for gold and then there was so much gold.

Why is Han period considered a golden age of Chinese's civilization?

The Han period was considered a golden age of Chinese civilization because the Chinese civilization grew during this period, advances in many parts of education was made. - Milo Matthews [muca] :]

When did Chinese civilization enjoy its Golden Age?

The Chinese civilization enjoyed its Golden Age during the Han dynasty during the period of 206 BCE and 220 CE. During this time, Confucianism was established and many scientific texts were written, This period also saw the opening of the Silk Road.

Why did the Chinese consider America the golden mountain?

Possibly, it was because they came to California in 1849 during the gold rush. Golden mountain? California's official motto (or slogan) is the "Golden State."