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Possibly, it was because they came to California in 1849 during the gold rush. Golden mountain? California's official motto (or slogan) is the "Golden State."

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Q: Why did the Chinese consider America the golden mountain?
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Why did the Chinese call America land of the golden mountain?

The Chinese called America the "land of the golden mountain" during the gold rush period in the 19th century, as many Chinese immigrants came to California in search of gold. They referred to America as the "golden mountain" because of the promising prospect of wealth and prosperity that the country symbolized to them.

Why did the Chinese consider America as the The land of the Golden Mountain?

The Chinese considered America as the "The land of the Golden Mountain" due to the Gold Rush in the mid-19th century, which attracted Chinese immigrants seeking wealth and opportunities. The phrase symbolized America as a land of prosperity and abundance.

Why did the Chinese move to California?

The Chinese moved to California because they thought America was made of gold, and called it the "Golden Mountain". The Chinese moved here for hope of wealth and a better life. What the Chinese realized was that America wasn't all that it lived up to be.

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