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The reaction of the eople to the partition of Bengal was very immediate and everybody started protest against the british.

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Q: What was the reaction of the people of Bengal to the partition of Bengal?
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What were the events that occurred during the partition of Bengal?

The events that occurred during the partition of Bengal were the separation of the Muslims and Hindus and the establishment of factories in east Bengal. Formation of the political affiliations based on the Muslims and Hindus are the other events that occurred during the partition of Bengal.

When did the partition of Bengal did?

Bangladesh was a provinc of Pakistan which hapend to separate frm Pakistan in 1971

Who visualized program of swadeshi and boycot against the partition of Bengal?


Why did lord curzon partitioned Bengal in short answer?

lord Carson partitioned Bengal because they said that in Bengal there was poor administration but the real motive behind the partition was to divide Hindu and muslims and Bengal was the nerve center of India

Why did Hindus react against the partition of Bengal?

The partition of Bengal aroused fury among the Hindus. The Hindus thought that the partition of Bengal was an attempt to break the unity among the Hindus which might be a threat to the British Government. They thought that the British had applied their 'Divide and Rule Policy' meaning that the Hindus and the Muslims will keep on fighting with each other and the threat which the radical nationalism of the Hindus was disturbing the Britishers would come to an end. Consequently the Hindus' attempts to kick the British out of the Sub-continent and establish Hindu Rule would loose their solidarity and strength. Furthermore the Hindus could not bear to see the Muslims flourish and the partition of Bengal meant exactly that. It can also be seen that the Hindus wouldn't allow any degree of Partition of their Motherland, the India. This fact was confirmed by the height of opposition and objection to the Partition of India in 1947 from the Hindus.

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