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Katherine Parr was brought up as a Catholic. Amazingly, she is described as deeply religious, but she gave up her religion to become an Anglican and married Henry VIII (her third husband of four, his sixth wife of six).

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Katherine Parr's religion was Protestantism.

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She was Catholic in the sense that her family was, but she was not an active Catholic.

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Q: What was the religion of Katherine Parr?
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Katherine Parr did she suvie Henry touder?

Katherine Parr was Henry VIII's sixth and final wife. They were married from 1543 to 1547. Katherine Parr was widowed when Henry died in 1547. .

In what year did Henry VIII execution Katherine parr?

Katherine Parr was not executed, she was his last wife and survived him.

What was the date that Katherine parr was born?

Katherine Parr was born around 1512. The exact date of her birth was not recorded.

What year did Katherine parr marry Henry Tudor king?

Katherine Parr married Henry VIII in 1543.

What age was Catherine Parr at death?

Katherine Parr was 36 at death

Did Katherine parr have any children?


Did Henry kill Katherine parr?


What was the nationality of Katherine Parr?

She was French!

Did Katherine Parr have a mother?


Who was Katherine parrs mum?

Katherine Parr's mother was Maud Green.

In what year did Henry order Katherine parrs head to be cut off?

Henry did order Katherine Parr's head to be cut off but was unsuccessful and in that case she outlived him

Who were Katherine Parr's Parents?

Mother: Maud Green Father: Sir Thomas Parr