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quicker transportation,seeking personal wealth,and recognis

ing individual rights

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Q: What was the romantic literary circle of the 19th century?
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What main concerns of the romantic literary circle in the early 19th century?


What were the main concerns of the romantic literary in the 19th century?



mid 19th-early 20th century

The 19th century is best described by which musical ERA?


What were the main concerns of romantic literary circles in early 19th century?

. quicker transportation routes, seeking personal wealth, and recognizing individual rights

What literacy movement was Charlotte Bronte part of?

Charlotte Bronte was part of the Romantic literary movement in the 19th century. This movement emphasized emotions, individualism, and nature in literature, and Bronte's works, such as "Jane Eyre," reflected these themes.

What type of music was Giuseppe Verdi remembered for?

he is remembered for playing 19th century Romantic Music..

Who was the most significant of the late 19th century detractors of the Romantic tradition in ballet?

Isadora Duncan

Who were Mary Shelley's two companions?

Mary Shelley's two companions were her husband, poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and their close friend, Lord Byron. They were all influential figures in the Romantic literary movement of the 19th century.

Where was the first crop circle found?

I believe it was in the UK in the late 19th century.

Did van Gogh paint in the Romantic Period?

Yes he did, he created most of his paintings during the late 19th century. The Romantic Era ended at about 1915

Did Egyptians really bring back the dead?

No! purely the invention of 19th century romantic writers and Hollywood