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the Gupta numerals developed from the Brahmi numerals and were spread over large areas by the Gupta empire as they conquered territory. Beginning around 7th century, the Gupta numerals developed into the Nagari numerals.

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Q: What was the system of numerals developed during the Gupta Empire?
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Which impire developed the concept of zero?

Gupta mathematicians developed the concept of zero in the use of math, and also developed the decimal system based on the number 10. They also created a number writing system that was later adopted by the Islamic Empire. This system became known as Arabic Numerals, but is really a Gupta achievement.

Name and date of the mathematician who developed roman numerals?

Roman numerals were developed by the Etruscans who once ruled the Romans. Little in history is known about these strange and mysterious people, the Etruscans, were known in ancient times as the people of the sea. The way we write out Roman numerals today is different in the way that the Romans themselves actually did because today's rules governing the Roman numeral system were introduced during the Middle Ages and that was centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire.

When were the roman numerals created?

Roman numerals were developed by the ancient Romans in the 3rd century BC. They were used as the primary number system in the Roman Empire and remained in common usage until the Middle Ages.

What was the main purpose for Roman numerals?

Numerical system of the Roman Empire

How roman numerals developed?

They were developed using a Roman system that worked out for pretty much all of the Romans

When did the Romans use Roman numerals?

The Roman numeral system was used during ancient Roman times, but use of the system continued long after the Roman empire declined. In the 14th century, Roman numerals were slowly replaced by Hindu-Arabic numbers.

When did the people who developed roman numerals live?

The people who developed Roman numerals lived during the time of ancient Rome, which spanned from 753 BCE to 476 CE. The Roman numeral system originated in ancient Rome and was used extensively throughout the Roman Empire.

What was the number system orginating in India?

Many historians believe that the number system using Arabic numerals, now used throughout most of the world, was developed during the Gupta dynasty along with the base 10 decimal system and the concept of zero.

Who introduced Hindu numerals?

The Hindus developed the Hindu numeral system. Hindus are Indians.

AAn system developed during the Chou dynasty.?

The feudal system developed during the Zhou dynasty.

Developed the number system you use today?

Im not entirely sure but it is most likely Sumerians(If you need more help just type "Sumerian Accomplishments" in Google or something), they invented either a form of the number system or the real number system we use today. This is my homework question and the choices for answers are aryan empire, Persian empire, mauryan empire, or gupta empire.

What empire developed the number system you use today?