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Q: What was the tribe of bodiccia called?
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What is it called when a tribe defeats another tribe?

One tribe defeating another is called a conquest.

What name was the wolf tribe called in twilight?

The Tribe is called the Quilleutes.

A tribe in Africa called dogan?

I believe there is a tribe called quest

When was A Tribe Called Quest created?

A Tribe Called Quest was created in 1988.

What is the name of Jacobs tribe?

The name of Jacob Black's tribe is the Quileute tribe.

When was The Best of A Tribe Called Quest created?

The Best of A Tribe Called Quest was created in 1988.

What is the leader of the bedouin tribe or clan called?

The leader of the Bedouin tribe or clan is called a shaykh.

What was the name of sacajawea's tribe?

Sacajawea tribe was called the ShoshoneShoshone

What tribe lived in great Zimbabwe?

the shona tribe but some people called them the Zimbabwe tribe

Why are the Tampa Bay rays called the tribe?

The Cleveland Indians are called the tribe. know.....Indians.

What tribe is Jacob a member?

Jacob is part of the tribe called Quileute.

What tribe chases Indiana Jones?

A fictional tribe called the Hovitos.