What was used before forks?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In Tuscany, where forks were first invented, before their were forks the upper class used three finger s t oeat and the lower class used five fingers.

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Q: What was used before forks?
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Why don't Chinese people use spoons forks or knives?

the Chinese used forks way before the chopsticks, search it on wikapedia, they also used spoons

Where did Edward's family in twilight live before they lived in Forks?

Edward's family lived in Chicago before they moved to Forks.

What are grill forks?

Grill forks are the two-pronged forks used when grilling meat or vegetables.

Did Americans commonly use forks before the civil war?

No. They did not use forks until after the civil war.

What is a Cocktail fork used for?

A Cocktail fork is used for spearing cocktail garnishes such as olives. Cocktail forks resemble a trident. Some people call these forks "Seafood forks."

When did the Cullens move before they came to Forks?


Were did Bella live before moving to forks?


Do tongans us chopstick?

no..we either use forks or our hands. when i was there we never used chopsticks. never. we use forks or our hands. im tongan and i use forks but back in Tonga I used my hands.

Where was Bella's school in twilight?

The one that she met Edward at was in Forks, but the one before that was in Phoenix. I'm not sure if Forks is a real town or not.

How could you use forks in a sentence?

i used forks to stab my best friend while playing tag.

What did people do before forks?

Before forks were introduced, people primarily used their hands, knives, and spoons to eat. It was common for individuals to use a single knife for cutting and a spoon for scooping up food, with both hands being the primary utensils for consuming meals. Forks became popular in Europe during the Middle Ages and gradually replaced the practice of using hands for eating.

What are shaving forks used for - horses?

Shavings forks are also known as manure forks and muck forks. These are used to pick through pine shavings or pelleted horse bedding to remove manure and urine. The tines are more closely spaced on a shavings fork than on most pitch forks making them easier and more efficient to use.