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India lost everything. mwhahaha

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Q: What wealth did India lose during british rule?
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How did the British empire lose land?

Why did The British Empire lose their land?

Why did the British people came to India?

The British left India in 1947 due to many problems such as economic ,revolts and international situations. The economic situation was Britain was in debt to India at roughly £3 billion with a rise of £70 million daily. They were at this point no longer profiting from their association with India and much of the money they needed to maintain India was being spent on improving Britain at home with the NHS ,welfare states and its industry. By offering India independence as a way to write off much of their debt while securing funds for the Labour party plans. Along with this Britain had suffered greatly from the Second World War and required a lot of funds to rebuild much of its mainland cities and towns. As well as the staggering economic situation in India during this time there was also a major problem with revolting due to the current political situation, this is because the two major political factions, Indian National Congress (INC) and the Muslim League, were fighting with Mountbatten for what would happen to India. After the decision for partition was initiated there was major rioting along the borders of the Punjab and Bengal territories, the reasons for this is they were partitioned to increase the size of the territories which would be known as Pakistan and India. The main reason why British left India was because of the changing international situation. In 1941 Franklin D Roosevelt did not agree with the idea of countries could not govern themselves and thought this was a communist regime. Winston Churchill Prime Minister at this present moment in time thought that India was the jewel in the British crown and still wanted India to be part of the British Empire. The British feared that communism could spread across the whole of Europe and if they were not focused on the situation then they could lose what is left of their entire Empire.

Why were European countries afraid the revolution would spread to them?

If the revolution spread across Europe, kings, noblemen, aristocrats, etc, would lose power and wealth. They did not want to lose their influence on their countries so they banded together to fight the spread of revolution.

What are the causes of the Sepoy Rebellion?

The causes of the Sepoy rebellion were rumors were spread that the rifles were being greased with beef and pork fat. For Hindu soldiers, the cow is sacred. For Muslim soldiers, they can't touch pork. Also, Indian soldiers were required to fight in foreign lands. This angered the Hindu's because they would lose their caste if traveled overseas. The Sepoy Rebellion broke out in 1857. Indian revolt against British rule. British won.

What side did Cornwallis fight?

Lord Cornwallis was one of the top British generals in the Revolutionary War. He was successful in several battles, but is best remembered for his surrender to colonial forces at Yorktown in 1781, effectively ending the war.

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When did Britain lose Pakistan?

In 1948, British India gained independence but was split into India, Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

Why did british lose interest in India after world war 1?

It didn't lose interest in India. The UK still considered India the "Jewel in the Crown" and tried to maintain control over it. It wasn't until after WW2 that the UK granted India independence.

How many men did the British lose in the revolutionary war?

The British lost around 24,000 men during the revolutionary War

What did the british not want to lose in North Africa during the world war 2?

Oil supplies.

How did the British empire lose land?

Why did The British Empire lose their land?

Can a British Prime Minister lose his or her seat and why doesn't it happen?

They can. It can only happen during a General Election.

What percent of material wealth did Georgia lose after the civil war?

10 %

What did the British loose?

What did Britain lose

During the New York campaigns which captured officer declared before his execution by the British you regret that you have but one life to lose for your country?

Nathan Hale.....................

Why India can not get more medal in Olympic?

Because India's players are overconfident and lose their medals

Why did British lose to Japan in Singapore?

they are lousy