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Queen Mary the First of England, later called Bloody Mary, was very intelligent and well educated. She remained faithful to the Roman Catholic church. She was strong in defending her beliefs.

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Q: What were Queen Mary 1 of England Bloody Mary's strengths?
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What was Marys quote?

"When I am dead and opened, you shall find 'Calias' lying in my heart" -"Queen Mary Tudor of England :aka: Bloody Mary

what is bloody mary Strengths?

To be queen

What was Bloody Marys real name?

Mary Tudor. Bloody Mary was Mary Tudor, Queen of England, and daughter of King Henry VIII.

Bloody queen of England?

Mary I.

Was bloody Mary and Queen Elizabeth of England sisters?

Bloody Mary ( Mary I) and Elizabeth I were half sisters. There Father was Henry VIII. Mary's mother was Catherine of Aragon, Henry's first wife, who was divorced. Elizabeth's mother was Anne Bolyne, Henry's second wife who was beheaded.

Did marys cosin become queen of England?

It was Mary, Queen of Scots, daughter of James V of Scotland who had a cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth 1 of England.

How did Queen Mary effect American history?

You have to be a bit more specific, there are several "Queen Marys" did you mean Mary I of England who ruled from 1516-1558, Mary Queen of Scots who ruled Scotland from 1542-1587 or did you mean Mary II of England who ruled from 1662-1694? Without knowing which of the 3 "Queen Marys" you want, it is impossible to answer your question.

Did the Bloody Mary got it's name from Bloody Mary Tudor?

No, the cocktail "Bloody Mary" is named after "Queen Mary I of England".

Who succeeded bloody mary as queen of england?

Queen Elizabeth the first Mary's younger sister.

Who is the worst King or Queen to rule England?

The worst Queen was known as "Bloody Mary". She killed hundreds of people. That's where the term "bloody Mary" comes from. Queen Mary was her name.

Where was bloody Mary born?

She was born in England!! She is really queen elezibeth go to WWW.queen or www. is bloody Mary queen that has all the ansewers

Can a Catholic be king or queen?

Yes. All monarchs of Spain were in addition to Bloody Mary, Queen of England