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Stalin's goals in eastern Europe were territorial control and a reconstruction of the nation. He wanted to keep the majority of the power and did so try by utilizing fear as his major device on the people.

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Basically, Stalin wanted the U.S.S.R. to dominate Europe and Communism to spread across all of Europe. However the Capitalist governments, like the USA and UK feared Communism and wanted to prevent its spread. Thus the start of the Cold War.

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Q: What were Stalin's plans for Eastern Europe in the post war period?
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How did soviet plans for eastern europe differ from those of the other allies?

i have no clue

What was the purpose of stalins 5-year plans?

To industrialize and modernize the USSR.

How did soviet plans for eastern Europe differ from those of other allies?

The Soviet Union did not want allies, they wanted puppet states. They controlled eastern Europe until the wall came down.

How did Stalins first two sets of Five-Year Plans affect the steel production in Russia?

The plans drastically reduced the production of steel.

What was the goal of Joseph Stalins five-year plans?

Answer this question…To give the government control of all parts of the economy

How did the Soviet plans for Eastern Europe differ from the Western Allies?

At the conclusion of WW 2, the Western allies sought democratic governments for Eastern Europe and basically for all of Europe. The Soviets under Joseph Stalin had other ideas. Their armies essentially occupied the Eastern nations where they had driven out the Nazi armies. The Soviets had an expansionist ideology and installed communist governments in the nations of Eastern Europe. This included East Germany.

Are hankook tires made in Korea?

They are Korean owned, they have plants in Korea, Japan, Eastern Europe, and China. They have plans to build one in the US within the next 5-6 years.

Which french ruler had plans for empires in Europe and the amricas?

The ruler Napoleon Bonaparte had plans for empires in Europe and Americas because he wanted to expand his reign and wealth.

What was Hitler plans to do in world war 2?

His plans were to capture and control all of Europe and then the world

What were stalins 5 year plans aimed at?

They were aimed at getting Soviet technology and infrastructure up to being on a par with Western standards, and to equal (if not exceed) the USSR's industrial and agricultural output with that of the West.

What was Stalins communist policy toward industrialization?

Stalin had two five year plans to increase industrialization and take the USSR out of the dark ages of industry. He did accomplish his goals but he used brutal tactics to accomplish his goals.

What were the goals of Stalins Five Year plans?

Stalin planed to increase industrialization. The plan increased industrial and agricultural output by 50 per cent in the five years. The cost in human lives is difficult to measure.