What were Tudor servants like?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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they was very poor they had no money and had one dress

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they had to clean the shoos and tidy all the rooms up

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they wore cloves and there jobs were servents

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Q: What were Tudor servants like?
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What are the Tudor names for servants?

well, there are scullery maids and royals would have ladies and gentlemen in waiting.

What were Tudor toys like?

how do you play a Tudor game

What did a poor Tudor house look like?

A poor Tudor house looked like a piece of ckicken from KFC

Do the Tudor children like the Tudor toys?

Yes! Of course they do! LUV U ALL!

What did Tudors do with there waste from there behinds?

The Tudor Castles usually had latrines where people could go to relieve themselves. Servants then emptied the latrines through a hole in the wall.

How do you make a Tudor house out of paper?

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Who found spices in Tudor times?

Explorers like Rayleigh found spices in Tudor times.

What was the relationship like between Henry VIII and Margaret Tudor?

Margaret Tudor was Queen of Scots and she was his sister.

How did medieval servants learn to become medieval servants?

they just like did what there master's told them to do like slaves xx

What color would most describe Tudor times?

red and white like the tudor rose colour

What is tudor music like?

Tudor music was played with many instruments especially in hymns and secular songs.

What was school like for Tudor children?