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they hated witches and burned them

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Q: What were peoples attitudes toward witches in 17Th century England?
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What were the 17th century people of England scared of?

witches and the spanish armada

When was the Colchester Castle made?

Colchester Castle (In England) was made in 16th Century and was ruined by witches!

What was the 16th century attitude to witches?

they hated witches

What were witches blamed for in the 17th century?

Witches were blamed for stuff like: if peoples crops failed to grow they would blame it on witches they were blamed if there was storms at sea. They were blamed if there was freak weather conditions. And if and illnesses or sudden deaths happened.

What country do witches come from?

Witches come from all countries and have been mentioned in many religions since the beginning of time. When monotheistic religions become more popular and/or enforced witch was used to describe what Pagan/non-Christian peoples called healers and medicine women.

What happened in Salem in the 17th century?

In Salem, they have witches and the witches kill people.

How was the pratice of witchcraft viewed in 17th century new england?

Witches were the agents of the devil, enemies of Jesus Christ, who were to be put to death if discovered.

What did witches do in 17th century?

Most of the "so-called" witches were people who were wrongly accused of witchcraft, back in the 17'Th Century.

How were witches caught?

witches were caught int he 16th and 17th century by being tested in different ways

How old were witches in the 17th century?

Any age. Even small children could be identified as witches.

How common were witches in the 17th century?

There were multiple people said to be witches. They were never proven true or false. There were told to be about 10 witches in a town per year.

Did the New England colony believe in witches?


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