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Yes. See the Related Link.

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Q: Was ducking really used against witches?
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What were peoples attitudes toward witches in 17Th century England?

People believed that witches were around in the 17th century due to there being many rumours going around that old women who had black cats and had a cauldron were witches. For testing these rumours there were two methods that they used, swimming a witch and burning them alive. Swimming a witch was when they tied up the person that they thought was a witch and placed them on the water. If they floated they were a witch because the water didn't want witches in the water and later on they would be burnt alive. If they drowned they were innocent but they died anyway because nobody fetched them out the water. So basically if they were accused of being a witch they would die.

What does mutinied mean?

It is typically used on ships to mean that a crew turns against their captain for whatever reason, but it is now more broadly used to mean any group turning against their leader.

How were witches punished in the 16th and 17th centuries?

Some were burned, some were hanged and some were tortured. It all depended on where abouts in the world you were! defiantly know Lot were burned but when they were deciding if a person was a witch they would tie them t a chair and place in water if they floated they were a witch and hanged if they drowned well they drowned. i know of one witch in a place called great waltham who is related to the actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger harry potter) is related to this witch. this witch was excommunicated from the Church of England so i think she got of lightly. hope this all helps.

The brutal policy of ethnic cleansing was most widely used against?

Bosnian Muslims

What were the impacts the atomic bombs of 1945 had on the world?

We have learned at how destuctive they can be and that atomic bombs really don't need to be used unless we really need them.

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When was the ducking stool invented?

The ducking stool was invented in the 15 hundreds, and has been used up until the early 19th century.

What was the device used for dipping medieval wives into the river for nagging?

The ducking stool.

Witch mined dimonds are not used in jewelry?

Witches do not mine diamonds.Ditch witches could be used to mine diamonds.

Is the mechanical advantage of a block and tackle equal to the number of ropes used to raise the object?

look in your ducking textbook

Are good and bad witchs real?

there are some some good witches and bad witches good witches used there power to heal people bad witches used there powers to kill people some people killed witches and hunt them down the witch hunters put witches on crosses and made sure when they caputerd them they hold them up so they can not use their powers to talk to the devil from below

Why did people used to believe in witches?

People still believe in witchcraft and witches. This has never gone away, but centuries ago people who had red hair were often seen as witches and people who were not part of a community but considered outsiders or odd were seen as witches. Witchcraft was often used to explain events in a community.

Are there really magic wands?

Yes, for those of you who like twigs. Yes, there really are magic wands, in truth they may not be exactly as they are depicted in movies and in fiction, however they are in fact a tool used by modern day witches and pagans.

What are the Most used costumes?

ghosts, vampires, and witches.

Who used curses?

Witches, Wizards and Evil Faries

What weapon did many demons use to kill witches on Charmed?

Many demons on Charmed used an athame (which is a dagger)to kill witches.

Did Salem witches actually float?

No. None of the victims of Salem were witches, so none would float. And the floating test was not used in Salem.

Where do witches stir their brew?

The large black pot used for making brew is called a cauldron.