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^^ oh yeah cause your bloody helpful arn't you.

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Q: What were peoples interpretations of Titanic?
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What were the two peoples names that survived the crashed of the Titanic?

around 100 people survived the titanic not just 2 people

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I just know one name Ruth beaker

What were people's interpretations of the titanic?

A few random newspaper articles interpreted the sinking of Titanic by stating that it was due to the arrogance of man but it's often seen as an opportunity to advance maritime security through the use of examples.

Why did the Titanic sink when it was told that it is unsinkable?

The builders of the Titanic never actually said that the Ship was 'unsinkable'. It was just people's interpretations of the articles written about it. Quite simply, any ship can sink really. There is no such thing as 'unsinkable' :) too many compartment's filled up with water, it was only able to have four compartment's full and no more.

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