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she was a queen

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Q: What were queen Isabella's unique personality?
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Where was Queen Isabellas home?


Who is queen isabellas mom?

Isabella of Portugal

What was queen isabellas favorite number?


Isabellas personality in twilight?

Clumsy, Funny,Happy and apple of Edward's eye

Who was queen Isabellas mom?

Isabella of Portugal

Who was Isabellas husband?

Queen Isabella's husband was King Ferdinard of Aragon.

What was some of queen Isabellas accomplishments?

Well queen isabella held war against muslims in a certain part of spain

What color were queen Isabellas eyes?

Queen Isabella had a reddish - blond auburn hair color it was rather dark.

What was King Ferdinand and queen isabellas accomplishment?

Establishing colonies, with their money and for their country, in the "New World".

Queen Isabellas history?

There are alot of good websites to look at but the best one that i found that tells about her life from begining to end is

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Are isabellas fat?

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