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a wooden gun and a bat

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Q: What were some of the discoveries made by the spanish between 1513 and 1540?
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After 1540 how did the Spanish gain incredible wealth from the New World?

In the 1540's Spain's colonies made huge discoveries of silver in Mexico and Peru.

Who were the first explorers to come to the Grand Canyon?

The Spanish in 1540.

Who was the spanish explorer who left Mexico in 1540?

Garcia Lopez

Was Coronado Spanish or English?

He was a Spanish conquistador and explorer who led a large expedition from Mexico to present-day Kansas through parts of the southwestern United States between 1540 and 1542.

What spanish explorer explored the southwest part of the US?

Coronado, a Spanish explorer, explored it in 1540.

How were the spanish and portuguese colonies similar in the 1540's?

they were both catholics

What Spanish explorer who discovered the grand canyon in 1540?

Francisco Coranado

By the 1540's what two Spanish colonies dominated the Americas?

Peru and Mexico

Discovery of the state of Tennessee?

In 1540 by Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto .

When was Deal Castle built?

Between 1539 and 1540.

What year did Spanish explorers find the Grand Canyon?

It was in 1540 as a part of the seacrch for Cibola by Coronado.

Year when the conquestadors were looking for elderado?

Between 1540 and 1542.