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The reason for why it was created it because the super powers of Europe such as France and The United Kingdom were at competition at the time to see who has a dominant country (who was more superior) and at that time King Charles the second thought of creating a fur trading company under the Hudson's bay so Britain would be a superior country, I hope this helped

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King Charles II created the Hudson's Bay Company by Royal Charter on May 2, 1670. One of the members of the original group was Prince Rupert, a cousin of King Charles. The territory given to the Hudson's Bay Company became known as "Rupert's Land."

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they controled all the ports in the Hudson bay

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Q: What were the advantages of the Hudson's Bay Company?
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Who did Paul Revere work for?

Hudsons Bay CompaNY

When did the North West Company and Hudsons Bay Company merge?

the Hudson's bay & the north west company merge in 1787

When did the hudsons bay company first open?

May 2, 1670

Who did Samuel hearne work for?

Samuel Hearne worked for the Hudsons Bay company.

What is the contact number for anita zucker of the hudsons bay company?

Mrs. Zucker no longer owns HBC.

Why did the plains Indians live in semi-permanet homes?

They lived in semi-permanent homes year round in the Prairies because they were a migratory people. Of course, once white settlers came and set up the Hudsons Bay posts all over the place, trade began to occur between Plains Indians and the white settlers, and the Plains Indians began to be reliant on the goods they got from the Hudsons Bay company. Once this happened, they were no longer migratory as they relied on the Hudsons Bay company's goods, and so they stayed where the trading posts were so that they could trade with the Hudsons Bay company.

What has the author James Isham written?

James Isham has written: 'James Isham's observations on Hudsons Bay, 1743' -- subject(s): Hudson's Bay Company

Why they say hudsons bay form canada?

The Hudson's bay company built trading forts along the Hudson's bay at several river mouths where sailing ships could be anchored.

Why was the Hudson Bay Company sold to the US?

The hudsons bay company was sold to the US because the US offered alot of money, which will give "the bay" new ideas, new looks and more money to do more things around all local "bay" stores

What two fur compaines competed with each other at the start of the fur-trading era?

the northwest company and the hudsons bay comapny

What are four things named Hudson?

hudsons bay

What animals are in the hudsons bay company logo?

The animals in the Hudson's Bay Company logo are typically a beaver and a bear. The beaver symbolizes the fur trade heritage of the company, while the bear represents strength and resilience.