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Q: What were the arguments against Ontario joining Confederation?
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What were reasons for Ontario not joining confederation?

The wanted to be part of america...and the leader had testicular cancer....i hopethis helps o_O

What were Ontario's reasons for joining confederation?

The wanted to be part of america...and the leader had testicular cancer....i hopethis helps o_O

Why was Joseph Howe against Nova Scotia joining the confederation?

Joseph Howe belives that by joining the confederation, nova scotia would have little say in the federal government (18 house of common seats) and will lose ties and support with great Britain

When did Spain join confederation?

Spain joining Canadian Confederation? What planet are you on?

What is the joining of the Maritimes called?


Why did some colonies did not join confederation?

Confederation was risky as it had small colonies joining with the very much larger province of Canada (today's Ontario and Quebec). History has shown those concerns to be valid as today Canada is moving from a Confederation in which each Nation is equal to a Federation dominated by the most populous provinces.

What was most important about New Brunswick joining Confederation?

The most important was that the union with Nova Scotia, Québec, and Ontario, protected them of an eventual attack by the United States. Remembering that they were Empire Loyalists, who had previously been kicked out of the United States along with those in Ontario.

What were the cons for new brunswick joining confederation?


Pros and cons of Manitoba joining confederation?


Who was involved in Canadian Confederation?

Figures from the Confederation League were essential for the movement of British Colombia joining the Canadian Confederation. These figures include Amor de Cosmos, John Robson, and Robert Beaven. British Columbia joined the Confederation on July 20, 1871. It was the sixth province to do so.

Who is the Confederation Congress?

a joining of several groups for a common purpose

Which one of the following represents a correct chronological sequence of different provinces joining confederation?

Ontario Quebec Nova Scotia New Brunswick This sequence represents the correct chronological order in which the provinces joined the Canadian Confederation. Ontario and Quebec joined in 1867, while Nova Scotia and New Brunswick joined shortly after in the same year.