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Here are some: Palliard, Whipjack, Kintchin-Cos, Hooker, Swigman, Jarkman, Tinkard, Curtal, Queerbird, Jacks of the Clock-House...

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Counterfeit crank

Clapper dungeon

Bawdy basket


Abraham man

Upright man


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Q: What were the names of vagrants in Elizabethan England?
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What are the names of the vagrants?


What is Anne Shakespeare's middle name?

She didn't have one. Middle names were uncommon in Elizabethan England.

Was Elizabethan England the leader of Europe's Catholic states?

Of course not, Elizabethan England was protestant.

Who were the yeomanry of the Elizabethan England?

Its is the the middle-class citizens of Elizabethan times

What was the Elizabethan England?

The Elizabethan era is the history of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 (1558-1603)

What is the Elizabethan era of William Shakespeare?

1558-1603 is the Elizabethan era in England.

Why does the Elizabethan poor law exist?

The Elizabethan poor laws changed the way the poor were looked after in Elizabethan England. Rather than being looked after by charity and begging a compulsory poor rate (tax) was introduced and distributed to local parishes who would then look after the 'deserving poor'. The deserving poor being those who widowed, orphaned, elderly or disabled or became poor due to a natural disasters. This also meant that vagrants, who were poor by choice, could no longer beg for their living.

What does Elizabethan England mean?

Simply, England in the reign of Elizabeth I.

What was the Elizabethan times named after?

Elizabethan times are called that because it was the time when Elizabeth I was Queen of England.

How many people live in Elizabethan?

in Elizabethan times England had a population of nearly 5 million.

What was family life like in Elizabethan England?


What are the dates given to the Elizabethan Age in England?

The dates of the Elizabethan Age in England coincides with the dates of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The dates span from 1558 to 1603.