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The Ballad and The Sonnet

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Q: What were the two main styles of English poetry in the 17th century?
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Who banned Father Christmas in 17th century?

English Puritans banned Father Christmas in 17th century

The difference between the metaphysical and cavalier?

Metaphysical poetry refers to a style of poetry associated with 17th-century English poets, characterized by complex and intellectual themes, unconventional metaphors, and wit. Cavalier poetry, on the other hand, is a style of poetry popular during the same period known for its elegance, clarity, and themes of love, beauty, and chivalry. While both styles emerged during the same historical period, they differ in their themes, style, and approach to poetry.

What 17th century English physician known as the English Hippocrates?

Thomas Sydenham

What literary period did john donne write in?

John Donne wrote primarily during the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods in English literature. He is known for his metaphysical poetry, which was popular during the 17th century.

John 17th century English poet and playwright?

john dryden

What is the century of the year 1675?

1675 was in the 17th century, the way it is reckoned in most English speaking countries.

Who wrote the poem the spring?

The poem "The Spring" was written by Thomas Carew, an English poet from the 17th century known for his lyric poetry. The poem celebrates the beauty and renewal associated with the season of spring.

What century is 1608 in?

The 17th century.The 17th century.The 17th century.The 17th century.The 17th century.The 17th century.The 17th century.The 17th century.The 17th century.The 17th century.The 17th century.

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"kidnap" is 17th Century English, but it's origin is unknown.

Those who mined the coal in the 17th century were regarded by the English society as?


What language did the pilgrims speak?

EnglishAnswerEnglish AnswerEnglish in the 17th century

What are the 12 English mainland colonies founded in America in the 17th century?