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The naval arms race began in 1897 following the failure of negotiations designed to create an alliance between the two countries and continued until into World War 1.

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Q: What year did the naval arms race take place between Britain and Germany?
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What happened during the bosnian crisis?

im guessing that it happened because the serbs had been attacking them and the bosnians wanted revenge so they killed their asses

What countries did the Anglo Saxons invade or take over?

The Anglo-Saxons invaded England from Denmark, Norway, and Germany.The Angles and the Saxons were two different nations of people and came from different places.The Angles came from a place called Angeln. This place can now be found on the border of Germany and Denmark.The Saxons came from a place called Old Saxony. This is now part of Germany and includes all of the modern German states of Westphalia and Lower Saxony.A third group of people often included with the Anglo-Saxons were the Jutes. These people were fewer in number than the Angles or the Saxons and came from Jutland. Jutland is now the northern part of the large Jylland Peninsular in Denmark.

Where did ww1 take place at the start on the end?

in france and britain.

What wars did India and Britain have?

India was involved in war with Britain for independence. The first war of independence took place in 1857. India was involved in other wars with Britain afterwards.

What were the dangers of the secret treaties in world war 1?

The intricate web of alliances meant that once the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand took place, the Austro-Hungarian Empire sent an untimatum to Serbia, Russia came to Serbia's defense; Germany stood against Russia; France stood against Germany. When Germany swept through Belgium to attack France, Britain declared against Germany. So, you can see how the network of alliances spiraled out of control in very short time.

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What was the role played by Kaiser Wilhelm II in the lead up to World War 1?

He caused a lot of riots between Germany and Britain because of the Naval race and the Epmires. He wanted Germany to have a better Empire than Britain and would do anything to succeed. He lead Germany to war against France, and knew it was coming years before and devised the Schlieffen plan. He always wanted Germany to have 'its place in the sun' !

Where did gallipoli taken place?

Gallopili is actually a place of a peninsula in Turkey, where one of the greatest battles took place between Britain And Germany. It started on 25 April 1915 and ended on9 January 1916. Gallopili was actually a naval attack and people believed that there would never be victory due to the strong leaderships of both opposing countries.

Which 2 countries did Germany attack in World War 2 but never conquer?

The 2 main countries Nazi Germany invaded but never conquered was Britain and the Soviet Union. Main attack Germany did onto Britain was the Battle of Britain, which tok place between June 1940-October 1940. For the USSR, It would be Operation Barbarossa, Case Blue, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Kursk and Battle of Stalingrad, this took place between 1941 and 1944.

Which factor guaranteed that a war between Britain and Germany would involve other nations?

In World War II, war between Great Britain and Germany guaranteed the involvement of other nations due to several factors. On Germany's side, her expansion was coming at the expense of nations other than Great Britain; in particular, Poland. On Great Britain's side, alliances were in place that committed various other nations to waging war together in the case of any aggression on the part of any third-party nation (such as Germany).

Where did world war 2 take place between Britain and Germany?

As the name "World War" might imply, it took place across the world - one land, principally in Europe and Africa, and on many of the world's oceans.

What weapons were primarily used in the battle of Britain?

During World War II, the Battle of Britain, taking place in the summer of 1940, was fought primarily by airplanes. The air forces of Germany and Britain clashed in the skies above the British Home Isles, the English Channel, and France, in a contest for 'air supremacy.' Of course, land-based units and naval forces also played minor roles in this decisive battle.

Why did Britain declare war on Germany?

because Hitler invaded our friends (Poland)Britain had a defense treaty with Belgium. When Germany invaded the small dutch-and-french speaking nation, Britain was obligated to issue an ultimatum and, in the case that was ignored, declare war.The Britain declared war on Germany because of the German's invasion of Belgium.

How are Operation Sea lion and the Battle of Britain connected?

Germany needed to win the Battle of Britain to attain air superiority as a necessary prerequisite, before Operation Sea Lion (the invasion of Britain) could be attempted. Since Germany did not win the Battle of Britain and did not achieve the necessary air superiority, the invasion never took place.

Where did the war between US and Great Britain take place in 1812?

it didn't

How US and Britain become allied during World War 2?

In the first place the Us was selling arms to Britain So needles to say it was important that the British side won the war, because if they did not the US would lose a fortune. there was also a historical connection between Britain and The USA that had moved well past the times of the revolution. and Japan an Ally of Germany attacked the USA just before Germany declared war on The USA.

What happened in Germany in 1949?

Germany won the soccer world championship which took place in Germany. The final was on the 7th July 1974 and featured Germany and the Netherlands. Germany won 2:1 .

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