When did Chaudhry Rehmat Ali suggest the name of Pakistan?

Updated: 4/28/2022

چوہدری رحمت علی نے پاکستان کا نام کب تجویز کیا؟

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The correct answer is: 1933

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Q: When did Chaudhry Rehmat Ali suggest the name of Pakistan?
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Who suggest name of Pakistan?

ch.rehmat ali and allama iqbal get the name

Who suggested the name of Pakistan?

choudary Rehmat Ali

Who is Rehmat Ellahi?

This is very common name in Pakistan. Kindly elaborate which Rehmat Ellahi you are talking about.

Who suggested the name of capital of Pakistan?

Choudary Rehmat Ali suggested the name of Pakistan.

When the name of Pakistan sugested?

The name of pakistan was suggested by choudhary rehmat ali in 1933

Which person chose the name of Pakistan?

ch. rehmat ali

Who has thought the name of Pakistan?

Chaudhry Rehjmat Ali

Who was the creator of the name Pakistan?

Chaudhry Rahmat Ali was the person who gave Pakistan it's name

When was the name of Pakistan created?

chaudhary remat ali

Who is Chaudry Rehmat Ali?

Chaudhary Rehmat Ali was the first person who suggested the name for the new Muslim country in the sub-continent as "Pakistan" and therefore, this person will be remembered in the history of Pakistan forever.

Who gave Pakistan name?

Chaudhary Rehmat Ali named Pakistan. He was a student at Cambridge University and he proposed this name in mid 30s.

How do you see Chaudhry Rahmat Ali and his Contribution in the Muslim Politics of the Sub-Continent?

Chaudhary Rehmat Ali was a Muslim nationalist who is credited with coining the name 'Pakistan' which was the eventual name of the Muslim state created out of partition of Indian sub-continent in 1947. He was the first man to use the word 'Pakistan' in 1933 in his famous pamphlet 'Now or Never; Are We to Live or Perish Forever'. He is credited by many as the founder of Pakistan movement.