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actually muslims came to India just to rule and looted Indian wealth .They don't consider it as their mother land .At the time of British rule in India they hardly fought any serious war of independence they just waited for the result and when India got freedom the very first things they do is to take their own country now known as Pakistan. can any one name the muslims who sacrifice his life . among Hindus the list is never ending. they just given their blood to take their separate country Pakistan not for India's freedom

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When the British rule ended, te Muslims in India were afraid so they went to an area , on both sides of India called Pakistan . It was called East and West Pakistan. East Pakistan is now Bangladesh today.

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Q: Where did the Muslims go when British rule ended in India?
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What ended the rule of fhe british east India company?

The Indian rebellion of 1857 ended the rule of the British East India Company

What ended Muslim rule northern rule in India?

The actions of the British East India Company in the 1700s

What ended the rule of the British East India?

Sepoy Rebellion

Which British company's rule ended after this uprising?

East India company

What was the British relationship to Hindu-Muslim conflict?

With the policy of Divide and Rule they created all the conflicts between Hindus and Muslims to rule India

What is the Literacy rate of India in 2007?

In 2007, India had a literacy rate of 74%. This is an increase of six times from the rate of 12% in 1947 when British rule ended.

When did France colonial ended in India?

De Facto rule ended in 1954. De Jure rule ended in 1962.

What happened when the sepoy mutiny occurs and upsprings spread over much of northern India?

After the mutiny the rule of East India Company ended and India came directly under the British Crown.

What type of colonial rule did British have on India?

divide and rule

Is British rule in India a boon or a curse for India?


Who traded with India during british rule?

The British, primarily.

What Rule that ended in 1947?

Britain ended its government of India in August 1947 and the nations of India and Pakistan were created.