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Egyptian traders bring back African riches

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Q: When did Egyptian traders bring back African riches?
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What African riches did the Egyptian traders bring back?

The riches that were bought back to Egypt was as follows: Gold Ivory Perfumes Animal Clothes Trees that only grow in the kingdom of Kush (lower Nubia)

Did Egyptian traders bring bake African riches?

yes, they did. they were bringing it back during the 8th century. they brought back things such as gold, perfumes, cloths, and ivory.

What did the Egyptian traders bring back to Egypt?

They brought back Papyrus.

Why did Europoean traders what to to find a sea route to Asia?

They wanted to trade with Asia; riches to bring back home:)

What was the most common way for European slave traders to acquire slaves to bring to the Americas?

by buying them from African slave traders

When did North African traders bring Islam to West Africa?

North African traders introduced Islam to West Africa during medievalism, during the 8th century.

What religion did the traders bring to the people of Ghana and Mali?

What religion did the traders bring to the people of Ghana and Mali

What did settlers bring to the new world?

They brought riches

What religion did traders bring to Ghana?


What pyramids are built for?

Pyramids are built for praying to the Egyptian Gods. They were also built because egyptians believed that when you die you bring all of your riches with you. (also how much money you have gets you into "heaven") They built the pyramids to contain their bodies and riches, so that in the afterlife the "rich" folk will have their belongings with them.

What did Marco Polo bring back to Italy?

Gold and riches.

What did the French bring to Texas?

french fur traders

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