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August 8th, 1509

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Q: When did King Krishnadevaraya ascend to throne?
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In what year did king Alfred ascend to the Wessex throne?

The 9th century

Who were king krishnadevaraya's wives?

King Krishnadevaraya wives name was Thirumala Devi & Chinnamma Devi.

The king krishnadevaraya belonged to which dynasty?

king krishnadevaraya belonged to the tuluva dynasty

What year did Elizebeth 11 ascend to throne?

Elizabeth II ascended to the throne on February 6, 1952, following the death of her father, King George VI.

How did King George III become famous?

His father died before he could ascend to the throne. So, when King George's grandfather died, he became king.

Rise to a position the throne?


When did Louis XIV known as the Sun King ascend the throne of France?

age 4,few months before his 5th birthday

What year did suleyman ascended the throne?

Suleyman did ascend to the throne in the year 1512.

What is the time a king or queen is on the throne?

When a prince or princess who is first in line to the throne, they are called the Heir-Apparent. In example, HRH The Prince of Wales is the Heir-Apparent to the throne of England. When they ascend to the throne, they're called the Monarch. When a King marries a woman, she is not only called the queen, she is called the Heir Consort to the King, and likewise.

How krishnadevaraya die?

krishnadevaraya`s empire declined by some rulers krishnadevaraya dead of this feeling

When did queen elizabeth ascend the throne and why?

She was always birthed from the throne. She never died and she was never ascended.

Which book was written by krishnadevaraya?

I really dont know1.Krishnadevaraya was the king of Vijayanagara,16 centuary2.The book -The Giver of the Worn Garland Krishnadevaraya's Amuktamalyada - by sri Kriahnadevaraya and Srinivas Reddy