When did he explore?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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why did thay sail for

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Q: When did he explore?
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Why did Prince Henry explore the oceans?

he didnt explore he sent people to explore for him.

What do people explore?

They explore homosexuality

Why do meteors explore?

Meteors do not explore. Rocks from space can not explore, only living beings can.

When did zheng explore?

he explore because he want to@@@@

Explore is to investigate an unknown county?


What is the past tense of explore?

The past tense of "explore" would be "explored".

Past tense of explore?

The past tense of "explore" would be "explored".

What is the subject and verb here you will explore the cave?

Subject is you. Verbal phrase is will explore.

Who did Portugal explore?

Portugal is a country, it did not explore anyone.

Did you go around and explore the moon what did you find?


Who sent him to explore?

who sent Eric the red to explore

How you say explore in french?

to explore is "explorer" in French.