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The last Ice Age. Some say 1693, but that's wishful thinking; It's not possible.

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Q: When did the English Channel last freeze over?
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Who flew over the English Channel first?

Gossamer Albatross was the first man-powered aircraft to cross the English Channel on 12 June 1979. It was made of carbon fibre covered by Mylar and weighed only about 220 pounds for the Channel crossing. Invented by Paul McReady and flown by Bryan Allen.

How many times has britain been invaded in the past?

In historic times, the Thames and the Rhine were the same river, and there was no English Channel. So people crossed over to England on foot, without any idea of invasion. After the English Channel started to widen, the first known invaders were the Romans, followed by the Angles and Jutes, then the Saxons. The Norman conquest of 1066 is the last officially-recognised invasion. But events after 1950, continuing to the present day, will eventually be recognised as an invasion in the full sense.

When did Harriet Quimby fly over the English Channel?

April of l9l2, somewhat oddly this successful flight overlapped with the ( Titanic) disaster occurring on April l4-l5 of that year.

How has the English monarchy changed over the centuries?

The English monarchy has changed drastically over the centuries. In previous centuries, the king or queen ruled absolutely and had authority over the life and death of all their citizens. Currently, the English monarch is simply a figurehead. The real business of running the country happens in parliament.

The english civil war was a fight over?

The English Civil War was fought over two different ways of ruling the country. Monarchy - the King Sort of democracy - Parliament

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As the English channel ever froze over?

Not since the last Ice Age. Yes in 1693.

When was the last year Lake Erie did not freeze over?


Which french person was the first to fly over the English channel?

In 1909 Louis Blériot completed the first flight across English Channel

When did the River Foyle in Derry freeze over?

In 2010; and the last time before that was 1987.

Who was first woman to fly solo over the English Channel?

Harriet Quimby.

Do flights from London to Dubai go over the Atlantic?

No they go over the English Channel and the Mediterranean sea.

What big band leader disappeared over the English channel in 1944?

Glenn Miller

To get to France from England you have to cross what ocean?

No ocean, just the English Channel, over it or under it.

Is the English channel the world's longest channel?

No, off course not. It isn't even a channel. Channels are made by mankind. The, so called, English channel isn't. If you still consider it a channel then it's length is just over 400 km. (from Sennen till Dover). The Pangalanes-channel in Madagaskar is more than 500 km long.

French person was the first to fly over the English Channel?

Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries crossed the English Channel by balloon on January 7, 1785. The journey took 2.5 hours.

What ocean will you fly over if you flew from England to Paris?

When flying from England to PAris you do not fly over any ocea. You fly over the English Channel.

European cities city by car from London what body of water you must travel over?

Either under (Channel Tunnel rail link) or over (Ferry) the English channel, or the North sea to Scandanavia