When did the Salt March end?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some where in april

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Q: When did the Salt March end?
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How did gandhi take a stand?

by leading the salt march, and by starving himself to end fighting.

What was the Salt March protesting?

The Salt March was a protest against the British monopoly in India on salt.

Was there kids doing the salt march?

No there was only men doing the salt march

How did the salt march begin?

Salt march begins when britishers took tax on salt and gandhi ji is against of this tax. He fight against this rule. Hence salt march begins.

Dandi March was launched by whom In which year?

The Salt March also known as the Dandi March or the Salt Satyagraha, began on 12th March 1930.

What was the purpose of the salt march?

To protest the government salt tax

Where did the salt march take place?

the salt march took place from Sabarmati ashram to the village of Gujarat, Dandi

In which nation did the salt march take place?

Saudi Arabia

When was Gandhi's salt march to the sea?

March 12, 1930

What year did the Salt March begin?

March 12, 1930

When did gandhi make the salt march?

March 12, 1930

How old was Gandhi in the salt march?

Gandhi was born in 1869. Look up the date of the Salt March and DO SOME MATH!