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It has no toilets, it says on this web-site!

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Q: When did the Versailles Palace have its' first toilet put in?
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Did the Tudors have mazes?

Yes. Infact, you can still see one of Henry VIII's mazes at Hampton court palace. He used to put his guests in there to be entertained

How far was the policy of appeasement the most important cause of World War 2?

because Winston Churchill (British PM of that time) offered to give Hitler certain benefits which were confiscated as a result of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles (which was put in place after WW1 and blamed Germany for causing it) to prevent a second war. The policy was unsuccessful

Did the Versailles treaty help to rebuild Germany after World War 1?

sorry for the short answer but absolutely not it was a symbol of other countries control over Germany financially and physically no Germany would have been a lot better without it if they had won the war that is. so if they hadn't signed that treaty it would put them in complete mess they would have been taken over by powerful countries irony huh.

Who was the first to put communism into practice on a large scale?

Communism (a classless stateless society based on production for use) has never existed.

How did King Louis XIV die?

He died while he was imprisoned in the Temple prison. He was first imprisoned with his father (Louis XVI), mother (Marie Antoinette) and his sister (Marie Therese Charlotte), but after the French beheaded his father, they put him in an isolation cell away from his family who he would never see again. He was kept in the isolation cell for two years until his death. He was abused in horrible ways by his keepers.He probably died of the causes of abuse.

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