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The first people came to North America during the last Ice Age. the Bering Strait was a Ice bridge between Asia and North America. Humans first migrated from Asia to America during that time.

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Q: When did the first people come to North America?
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Who were first to come to America?

The first people to come to America were the pilgrims. __ The Vikings arrived in North America long before the pilgrims arrived. Prior to the Vikings, the people we call First Nations or Native Americans migrated here first.

Why did European explorers first come to north America?

they came to expand their areas settlement

Why did white people first come to America?

America was not a country yet until english and french people first came. It was full of Native Americans until the early 1800s. The english and french were very powerful and had the opportunity and chance to first come to America. They wanted to come to America because european countres are too small.

Why did people come from Britain to North America?

People came from Britain to North America to find a place to be safe from religious persecution. They also came to work in the lumber industry and find a new life.

Why did the Inuit people come to Canada?

During the ice age that lasted from about 50,000 to 17,000 years ago Asia and North America were joined by land that was as much as 1,000 miles wide for a time. People were able to roam over this entire land area. When the ice age ended sea level rose and cut the connection between Asia and North America, leaving some of these people in each place. As the ice receded further some of the people left in North America migrated south, some populated the far north of North America, including Canada. In a sense then, the Inuit did not come to Canada. Rather their ancestors were stranded in North America when the sea level rose.

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