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When the first Europeans arrived in North America their system of government differed from that of the indigenous peoples. The Europeans used a hierarchy of government. The indigenous people had a cultural government.

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Q: When the first europeans arrived in north America how did their system of government differ from that of the indigenous peoples?
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What are the people called who lived in Australia before the europeans arrived?

The Australian aboriginal people were the first to settle in Australia. Humans originated in Africa and from there migrated to other areas, which was a slow process. South America, the Pacific Islands and Australia were settled quite recently.

What happened to the Native Americans when the Europeans arrived?

When the Europeans arrived, thousands of Native Americans died of smallpox. Not only that, but Europeans slaughtered thousands of Natives under the order of President Andrew Jackson. The surviving Native Americans were forced on to reservations.

What happened to most of the indigenous people in the Caribbean after the Europeans arrived?

They went partying and got lost then became hobos so next time u see a hobo and ask if they are a indigenous people and then tell me if u said it and I will laugh in u faces

Who lived in the America's before the Europeans arrived?

Various indigenous peoples, collectively known as the Native Americans. These people were not a single homogeneous nation, but were divided into many tribes and people groups, such as the Iroquois, Algonquins, Apaches, and Blackfeet.Over 500 tribes of Native Americans, whose ancestors migrated over a "land bridge" from Asia after the last Ice Age, during prehistory.Native Americans, the majority of which died of diseases (e.g. smallpox, measles, mumps) within a few years of the arrival of the first European explorers. Thus when the colonists arrived the land was almost empty of people.Natives or Indians

How did Eddie Mabo die?

Eddie Mabo campaigned for Indigenous land rights. He was involved in a landmark case which overturned the long held view that Australia was empty when Europeans arrived called terra nullius and awarded Aboriginals right to the land, this was called native title.

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What are some reasons for the decline in the Indian population after European arrived in Latin America?

After Europeans arrived in Latin America, the indigenous population in areas such as the Caribbean and Central and South America declined due to diseases brought by the Europeans to which the indigenous people had no immunity. Additionally, forced labor, mistreatment, and warfare also significantly contributed to the decline of the indigenous population. Invasion of indigenous lands and displacement also led to a decline in population.

What group of people were killed off by diseases after the Europeans arrived in the Caribbean?

Indigenous populations

When did the europeans arrived in America looking for a new route to India?

they arrived in about 1759

What was like in America before the europeans arrived?

Life in America before Europeans arrived was described as pretty primitive. These natives relied only on nature and how they could use it.

Who ruled Nigeria before the Europeans arrived?

Local Government

How did smallpox effect the aboriginals when the Europeans arrived in North America?

The Europeans affected the aboriginals by decreasing population

Which animal did not exist in America until the first Europeans arrived?


How did the cultures of Latin America change after Europeans and Africans arrived?

After the Europeans and Africans arrived Latin America changed by knowing the cultures of Africa and Europe. Meaning;they mixed all cultures from Afica and Europe and what they knew.

What was the Great Plans of North America before the europeans arrived?

wild grassesapex

Who invented the first cigar in the world?

The indigenous people of the New World were smoking tobacco in the style of a cigar by the time Europeans arrived.

How many people lived in north America when Europeans first arrived?

Around 560 people lived in North America when Europeans first arrived. Around 560 people lived in North America when Europeans First arrived.

What was the economy and living conditions like when the europeans came to America?

there was no economy. America was only inhabited by the native Americans. only wild land existed when the europeans arrived.