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They went partying and got lost then became hobos so next time u see a hobo and ask if they are a indigenous people and then tell me if u said it and I will laugh in u faces

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Mostly, they were murdered by the Spanish or died of European diseases The survivors became slaves on plantations and mines.

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Q: What happened to most of the indigenous people in the Caribbean after the Europeans arrived?
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What group of people were killed off by diseases after the Europeans arrived in the Caribbean?

Indigenous populations

When the first europeans arrived in north America how did their system of government differ from that of the indigenous peoples?

When the first Europeans arrived in North America their system of government differed from that of the indigenous peoples. The Europeans used a hierarchy of government. The indigenous people had a cultural government.

What are some reasons for the decline in the Indian population after European arrived in Latin America?

After Europeans arrived in Latin America, the indigenous population in areas such as the Caribbean and Central and South America declined due to diseases brought by the Europeans to which the indigenous people had no immunity. Additionally, forced labor, mistreatment, and warfare also significantly contributed to the decline of the indigenous population. Invasion of indigenous lands and displacement also led to a decline in population.

How did the religion get to the Caribbean?

the simple answer is people! there were originally only indigenous people living in the Caribbean and they had their own religions then when Europeans arrived and introduced slavery they brought Christianity with them then later after the abolition of slavery indentured workers from asia mostly India came, bring with them Hinduism and Islam. The main religions in the Caribbean are Christianity(Catholicism), Hinduism and Islam

What happened to many native hawaiians Europeans arrived?

They died of disease.

What happened to local Native Americans after the spanish arrived in the Caribbean islands?

After the Spanish arrived in the Caribbean islands, many of the local Native Americans were enslaved, killed, or died from diseases brought by the Europeans. The Spanish also forced them to convert to Christianity and disrupted their traditional way of life. The population of Native Americans declined significantly due to these factors.

Who invented the first cigar in the world?

The indigenous people of the New World were smoking tobacco in the style of a cigar by the time Europeans arrived.

What happened to the natives when europeans arrived?

When the Europeans arrived, thousands of Native Americans died of smallpox. Not only that, but Europeans slaughtered thousands of Natives under the order of President Andrew Jackson. The surviving Native Americans were forced on to reservations.

What happened to human Indians once the Europeans setters arrived?

they all died and pooped thereself

What did Columbus call the people in the Caribbean islands after he landed?

Most of the Caribbean Islands had indigenous people who lived on each island well before Columbus ever arrived. Each people had their own name.

What did the Spaniards bring to the Caribbean?

The Spaniards brought diseases, animals, plants, and technology to the Caribbean when they arrived during the Age of Exploration. They also brought their language, culture, and religion, which heavily influenced the indigenous populations in the region.

Who where the first people to settle on the Caribbean islands?

The first people to settle in the Caribbean islands were the indigenous Arawak and Carib tribes. They arrived in the region around 4000 BC and lived by farming, fishing, and trading among the islands.