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Edward II (born June 17, 1239 - died July 7, 1307) who reigned as King of England between November 16, 1272 and his death, died at the age of 68, of no established cause. Therefore it can likely be inferred that the King died of natural causes.
Edward I King Edward I of England died in 1307 while travelling to Scotland for a military campaign. He had been ill for some time and was probably unfit to travel - his cause of death was most likely dysentery.

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King George VI, father of the present Queen Elizabeth II died on February 6th 1952 of lung cancer, probably caused by smoking.

The Last King of England was William III and died in 1707 of pneumonia after falling from his horse and breaking his collarbone. George VI was King of the UK of GB & NI

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There is no definite date he was born, neither a definite date he died or even how.

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The last king of the United Kingdom (which includes England) died in 1952. He was George VI, father of the present queen.

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King James II died from a brain hemorrhage while he was in exile. He died in 1701 and was buried in a tomb.

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Q: When did the last King of England die?
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Who was the last monarch to rule England?

The Kingdoms of Scotland and England were united in 1707. The monarch on the throne at that time was Queen Anne who was "Queen Anne of England, Scotland and Ireland" before the union and "Queen of Great Britain" afterwards (she also held the titles "Queen of Ireland" and "Queen of France".Therefore Queen Anne was the last Queen of England, the last Queen of Scots and the first Queen of Great Britain.Some incorrectly think that Elizabeth I of England and Ireland was the last monarch of England because after her death she was succeeded by James who became James I of England having already been James VI of Scots. James was still the monarch of the Kingdom of England and the fact that he was already King of Scots does not change that fact (and why should it? - Elizabeth was the monarch of England and Ireland so she was still the monarch of England). England and Scotland were still separate kingdoms regardless of the fact that they shared a monarch. James VI and I attempted to proclaim himself "King of Great Britain in 1604" but his proclamation was not accepted by any parliament (if it had been then he could arguably have been the last monarch of England). As it was Great Britain did not become a state until 1707.The last monarch to rule England and no other kingdom was Henry VIII of England who later became King of Ireland.The last monarch to rule England and only ever England and no other kingdom was Henry VII although he was "Lord of Ireland". The last English monarch to not be "Lord of Ireland" before him was Stephen.Note that William III of England and Ireland took the throne of those countries on 13th February 1689 but was not the King of Scots (as William II) until 11th May 1689 demonstrating that the Scottish Parliament was separate to that of England and that the rules of succession of Scotland and England were different.Similarly the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland no longer existed after the union so there has been no monarch of England since.

What French king abdicated and fled to England during the revolution of 1848?

Louis-Philippe, the first, last and only monarch of the Orléans dynasty

Who was king in 1118?

Stephen I of England was king

King of England 1769?

i bealive it was King George... :3

Who was the last king of France and when did he reigh?

The last King to rule France was Louis0Philippe (1830-1848) but he was King of the French, NOT King of France. The last person officially designated King of France was Charles X (1824-1830)

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Did the king died in England?

The last king to die in England was George VI in 1952

Who was the last medievil king?

Richard III was the last medievil king of England

Who was the last medieval king the lion-hearted?

Richard III of England is often regarded as the last medieval king of England, not Richard I of England who was given the title, "Lionheart".

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No king of england died due to the Black Death

Who wad last king of England?

George 5th

Who was last king of England from the house of Normandy?


When did King Richard I of England die?

King Richard I of England died on April 6, 1199 at the age of 41.

When did King Charles I of England die?

King Charles I of England died on January 30, 1649 at the age of 48.

When did King Edward I of England die?

King Edward I of England died on July 7, 1307 at the age of 68.

When was the last king?

Last king of what? There are still kings today. Queen Elizabeth's heir will be king of England. Sweden has a king. There are other countries that are still monarchies.

Who was the king of England in 1989?

Queen Elizabeth ll ruled England in 1989, and still is as we speak. The last King of England was George Vl who died in 1952

When did King Henry the 3 from England die?

In 1272