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Q: When did verrazano search for a route to the Indies through the continent?
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What year did Verrazano search for route to the Indies through the continent?

The year that Verrazano search for a route to the Indies through the continent was in 1525. The mistook Chesapeake Bay to be an opening through to the North American continent to China.

What year did Verrazano search for a route to the Indies through the continent?

According to Wikipedia (, he was the "first European to explore the Atlantic coast of North 1524". Most notably, he traveled from France to New York Bay, stopping also at Cape Fear and Narragansett Bay.

What did verrazano cartier and Hudson search for in the Americas?


What country sent the explorer verrazano to search a route to Asia?

It was France.

Why did Christopher Columbus made a voyage?

He was in search of the West Indies or a path that lead to the West Indies.

Who is Giovanni de verranzo?

Giovanni da Verrazano was a famous Florentine explorer. In 1524, he was commissioned by King Francis I to search for a Northwest Passage to Asia through North America.

Which explorer explored the coast of North Carolina in search of a passage way to India?


Where can you find a picture of iItalian Giovanni da Verrazano?

Google has an "image" search mode. Enter that mode, type in a name, and you will find images to choose from. Here's one of many that I found for Verrazano:

How did the search for the northwest passage affect people?

In 1524 France hired an Italian explorer named Giovanni de verrazano to contiued the search for a northeast passage

Christopher Columbus made voyages in search of new trade routes to the Indies?


Who sent the explorer Verrazano to search for a route to Asia?

King Francis I of France sent him to look for a sea route west to Asia.

Who did england send to explore his search for the east indies failed but he reached newfoundland?

john cabot